Antibiotics awareness

Antibiotics awareness week aims to draw attention to the role of effective use of antibiotics in preventing and containing antimicrobial resistance.

Antibiotics are sometimes prescribed by doctors to help cure bacterial infections but they have no effect on viruses like the common cold.

If not used correctly they can actually be harmful and can develop antibiotic resistance. Remember to follow these simple rules;
1. Don’t use antibiotics for viral infections
2. Complete the entire course, don’t just stop when you feel better
3. Only take the antibiotic that was prescribed for your specific condition

As part of Antibiotics awareness week we wanted to show you a great video developed by NPS MedicineWise and Tropfest to help spread a vital health message to Australians – if we misuse and overuse Antibiotics they will lose their power. They are called Antibiotics Don’t be a Jerk.