Men’s Health

Dr Michael Zhou, Dr Victor Goh and Dr Joshua Grokop are all experienced in treatment of prostate conditions, urine flow difficulties, erectile function treatments, premature ejaculation, testicular lumps and penile conditions as well as hair loss treatment.

Men’s Health FAQs

Your GP’s assessment including age, family history or if you have any symptoms will determine if you require a check of your prostate. Updated guidelines suggest a more conservative approach to testing. A PSA blood test without the need for a physical prostate examination in some cases starting from age 50 may be offered by your doctor.

There are many treatment options for men with erectile dysfunction. It is important for your GP to exclude significant physical causes of your symptoms as well as explore the psychogenic aspects of this condition. Oral medications in short and long acting formulations are very effective for most men. GP’s at Alma Village Medical Centre can refer to specialists in and around Caulfield North for more complex treatment options including injectable and implantable devices in severe cases where treatments have failed.

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