Practice Information

Practice information sheet


Alma Village Medical Centre is an AGPAL practice accreditation.


For a medical clinic to become accredited, they must adhere to the highest standards of patient care.  These standards are set by the Royal College of General Practitioners and are based on regulations that protect patient safety and improve quality of patient service.

An accredited practice must conform to the guidelines externally set and are assessed every three years.

There are many benefits to being an accredited practice to both patients and its staff.


The main areas of practice accreditation are:

Practice services

Right and need of patients

Safety, quality improvement and education

Practice management, and

Physical factors of the general practices.


Accreditation is a practice’s recognition of safety and quality of care, providing assurance for owners, managers, staff, funding bodies and consumers about the high standards demonstrated, while allowing:

Promotion of quality and safety of the standard of service provided to patients and the wider community

Confidence to be instilled for patients and/or consumers

Reduction of business risk

Education and engagement of staff in the provision of quality service

The creation of a culture of quality

Patient expectations to be met through enhanced patient focus

A competitive advantage over practices/service providers who are not accredited

Access to the practice incentive program (PIP) eligibility

QI and CPD points for each general practitioner participating in accreditation, and

Compliance with regulatory requirements and national standards.